Truck Washers

Dardanelle, AR

Has your truck collected some dust and dirt on your latest run? Are you looking for a local truck wash near Dardanelle, AR? If either of these questions describe your situation, stop by Exit 57 Truck Wash today. Our top-of-the-line soaps and solvents will have your truck back in pristine condition in no time.
We know that although you spend a lot of time in your truck, there just isn't enough time to clean it. A collection of food wrappers, gum packs, soda cans, and well, maybe a few unidentified odors aren't uncommon. A good first step might be to get a small trash bin to keep in the cabin. This way, even if time is limited and you can't take your trash out, at least it's all contained in one place. When you're looking for truck washers, make sure they have a variety of brushes for the vacuum. Hard-to-reach places like around the pedals and under the seats may require special brushes. Exit 57 Truck Wash carries the best soaps and solvents to clean your truck from the inside out. Whether you're spot cleaning your leather seats, putting the shine back on your dashboard, or tackling built-up grime on the exterior of your truck, we have the right tools and accessories for the job. We are confident you'll see why drivers all over say we're the best truck washers in the Dardanelle, AR area. Nothing pleases us more than repeat customers and we're sure you'll meet a few while you're here. But don't just ask them what makes us the best; see for yourself.
When you're looking for a local truck wash, look no further. The prices and service at Exit 57 Truck Wash simply can't be beat. We look forward seeing you get back on the road in your freshly shined semi.